Library Internet Filtering

As required of any school or library which receives E-Rate or other federal grant funding for Internet access, the Beauregard Parish Library filters access according to the requirements of Child Internet Protection Act.

What CIPA Requires:

The Library has had the required Internet filters in place since the passage of the CIPA. From September 2000 through July 2005, filtering was provided through 8e6 Technology's X-Stop system. In July 2005, we changed to SquidGuard. Both systems are adequate to meet the CIPA requirements. However, no filter is foolproof. Information on bypassing filtering systems is readily available to anyone who cares to search for it. Commonly used ploys to bypass filters include:

The Library's Electronic Resources Access Policy clearly warns users that resources provided by the Library are subject to various legal restrictions and that it is the individual user, not the Library, who is responsible for insuring that his/her use of the resources does not violate any applicable law. Prior to being issued an electronic account with the Library, the patron (or parent/guardian if 17 or under) is required to sign an agreement which explains filtering and the user's responsibility for compliance with all legal restrictions. This agreement clearly warns that filtering is not foolproof.